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It - Stephen King Things I had a bit of an issue with:
- After much build-up, Tom disappointingly dies in the background. Same with Audra, as she gets kidnapped by Tom and BAM! their scene is done. I wish we get to see what happened from their perspective instead of Pennywise just providing the information
- I still don't see how underage sex fit into the plot.
- Whatever happened to the power of seven? I guess they didn't need Stan and Mike (Beverly too, since the grown up her did no fighting whatsoever)
- We never got a chance to see the real form of It, since the spider was just another mask
- Who is this Other? I get the Turtle, but what's up with that Other?
- Beverly's younger self was much gutsier, braver, more independent. Why did she turn into such a shriveling mouse?

Things that I loved:
- The story. Period. It was awesome!
- The characters were beautifully fleshed out; every one had a distinct voice and a life of their own.
- Pennywise is so damn scary, I am now terrified of going to the basement to do laundry by myself. But you get to overcome your fears along with the characters, as you learn to accept them for what they are - just empty fears
- Writing was great. I got to remember what it feels like to be a kid again. I actually related to the characters.
- The major and minor villains are so convincingly hateful (for good reasons) that you just want to reach out into the book and slap them. That goes for Tom, Henry, Butch and Eddie's mother.